Friday, July 12, 2013

Ireland Day Trip Part I

This was by far our favorite day of the trip. Rach and I are both country girls at heart. Cities are great for a few days, but we really enjoyed spending time in nature. We were lucky enough to get opportunities like this in almost every city we visited.

Our day started bright and early with a bus ride to a family farm in Burren County. We pulled up in front of Granny's Cottage and were met by Cousin John. He, along with two other cousins, took us on a walk up their privately owned mountain (no big deal). Cows, farm land, lots of rocks, beautiful scenery...everything I imagined the Irish countryside would look like.

 This is their goat named Billy. They put him on the roof to trim the grass.

Tomorrow is part two of our trip...the Cliffs of Moher!!!

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