Friday, July 26, 2013

Kindness of Strangers

Brussels to Amsterdam
Method of Travel: Bus
At this point, we used planes, trains, and automobiles. Success.

Yes, we took a bus to Amsterdam. It was only 15 euros so we snatched that up. Once we got to the city, we had to take the metro to our hostel. We sat down across from a man who could have been Joseph Gordon-Levitt's twin. Score.
He asked us where we were from and made small-talk. We got to one stop and he got up to get off. We told him goodbye and he said, "Why are you not getting off? This is the last stop."
Uhhhh great. We were supposed to be going in the opposite direction. He was nice enough to show us where to go and told us which stop we needed. 

So once we got to the stop we needed, it was raining and we were tired. We were in the middle of an arena and there was a line of taxis. We walked to the first one to ask him to take us to our hostel. When he saw where it was, he told us it would be much quicker and cheaper for us to walk. He didn't want to take our money since it was so close. Apparently our map was completely wrong on the distance!
Praise the Lord for kind strangers!!

On our second day in the Netherlands, we went to the Hague to visit one of Rachel's family friends. It was so incredibly nice to be in an actual home and cook a real meal in a real kitchen. I'm so thankful they let me (a complete stranger) come into their home. It was such a nice relaxing day.

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