Thursday, July 18, 2013

Monsters, Mountains, and Massacres

We took a day tour in Scotland just like we did in Ireland. Our tour was called Monsters, Mountains, and Massacres. It was an all-day trip that took us to Loch Ness, through gorgeous mountains, and to a few castles. We spent most of the day in the bus. Fortunately, our tour guide was very knowledgeable and told us a lot of stories. I took a lot of pictures of the mountains but they don't do them justice. Everything is just so big that a camera can't capture it's beauty and grandeur.

Tennis shoes with jeans, camera, and Starbucks.
If this doesn't scream "American tourist"...I don't know what does.
At our first stop, our tour guide told us that we had to be back at 12. If we were late, we would have to sing our national anthem in front of the bus. Rachel and I were five minutes late. We blamed it on our watches being wrong and fortunately she didn't make us sing. But it was a close one!

Below is our tour guide for the day. In the cup holder is an Irn Brw...a typical soda in Scotland. She drank five of these while we were with her. Plus one fanta. That girl likes her carbonated beverages.

A highlight of the day was getting to see where many of the Harry Potter scenes were filmed. We passed by the Forbidden Forest, the place where Hagrid's house was, and even the area where the Hogwarts train traveled. This country was so beautiful. And so untouched! It was incredible to think that there is so much land that has not been touched by man. Gorgeous.

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