Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Royal Mile

From Dublin to Edinburgh.
Method of travel: Plane.

What happens when you're at an airport for three hours and you want a familiar meal? This:

We had a quick flight over to Edinburgh on Ryanair. That airline is ridiculous. So cheap but man it's crazy!

We got to Edinburgh at 11 PM...not our smartest move. We got a little lost trying to find out hostel but we made it in one piece! Because it was dark, we couldn't really see anything around us. But in the morning, we woke up to see this right across the street:

Hello, castle! We started at the top of the Royal Mile (Edinburgh Castle) and walked to the bottom of the hill (Holyrood Palace). 

We also stopped at the Elephant House for lunch. You know, where J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book. No big deal.

left my mark
Walking down this hill kind of felt like stepping back in time. The architecture, the men in kilts, being in between two castles...it was all so Scottish. And I loved every second of it.

Holyrood Palace is at the bottom of the Royal Mile. This is where the royals stay when they are in town. Sadly it was closed because some Lord was there for the week. Lame. 
I'm about to sound really stupid...but I had no idea the royal family in England was the same one for Scotland. Definitely thought Scotland had their own king and queen. We were a bit confused when we walked in the gift shop to see Wills and Kate staring us in the face. But it totally makes sense now.
Go ahead and judge me. I know I sure would if I were in your shoes :)

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