Thursday, July 25, 2013


London to Brussels
Method of Travel: Plane

When we were in London, there was a big sporting event between Belgium and some other country. Honestly I didn't pay much attention. But I couldn't miss the hoards of people dressed in their team's colors and chanting across the street to fellow fans. The city was cRaZy.
On the flight to Belgium, I sat next to a man who was in London for the event. He didn't speak English at all but he was so sweet. Took my trash, made sure I had enough room, just super nice. I love when you meet kind strangers like that.
We landed in Brussels to possibly the most stunning sunset I've ever seen. It was a great welcome.
But things went south pretty quickly. We had to take the metro to our hostel. It was really 11 pm late. We (again) didn't think that one through.
{Word of advice: Make sure you think about what time you will be arriving in a city. While it was great to have a full day in London before our flight left, it was also pretty dangerous for us once we got to Belgium.}
We saw a woman get pick pocketed and we had to walk in the dark down a quiet, sketchy street to our hostel. Not the best way to arrive in a new place.

I've already talked about my feelings for Brussels
And my love for Brugge.
The best thing about Belgium is their chocolate. Of which I bought a lot.

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