Friday, July 5, 2013

Leather Market and Gelato

I've been horrible with keeping this blog updated. I have pictures already on facebook that are going to make an appearance here. So all you family members and friends who are reading...sorry for the duplicates! Maybe stories on here will keep you interested??

I want to finish talking about Italy before I move on to other cities. Mostly because I love that country. And the people. And the food. So basically everything about it.
While Rachel and I were traveling together, we kept saying how we couldn't wait to get to Italy. I mean Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Paris...they were all great. But they can't compare to Italy.
There's just something about that beautiful country that has my heart.

Last year when I studied abroad, we got to go to Florence.
{I just looked back at my posts from last year and realized I never blogged about it. Oops!}
Rach and I loved it so much that we went back. And Maggie, another counselor from camp, came with us! Mags is also from UGA. She did the same program this year that we did last year.
We left early Saturday morning (like 7:20am early) and stayed until late Sunday night (like 11pm late).

Poor Rach has injuries all over the world. Literally one minute after walking out of our hostel, she tripped on the road. Good thing we had water and bandaids handy!

Our first stop? The leather markets. We came to Florence to shop. And shop is what we did.

Next stop? Venchi. We went there three times in two days. Totally normal.

We made a quick stop at Ponte Vecchio.

And then we had dinner at a little restaurant at the base of the hill leading up to Piazza Michelangelo.

Tomorrow, I'll show you pictures of our second day in Firenze and the sunset at Piazza Michelangelo. So stunning.

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  1. there are no words!! keep the pictures coming so we can all relive and live thru them!! Praying for you daily!! Every good and perfect gift is from above!! Enjoy!! <3


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